Supporting the choir

The Saint Cecilia Singers is a charity (No 1034967) run by a small committee of its members. Our affiliation with Gloucester Cathedral does not include any kind of financial support. To cover the costs of music, rehearsal space and musicians' fees we rely on our membership subscriptions and the money we make from engagements and concerts as well as the generous support of our patrons.

If you have enjoyed listening to the Saint Cecilia Singers and would like to support us, there are a number of ways you can do this:


We are very grateful to our patrons who, through their regular financial support, enable us to expand our repertoire and plan exciting and challenging concerts. In return for their financial support patrons receive a complimentary ticket to our annual Christmas concert in reserved seating, refreshments after the Christmas concert, reserved seating at other concerts which we promote ourselves, and a free copy of the Ode newsletter.

Available patron packages


We are always delighted to welcome new patrons. If you feel you would like to support the choir in this way, please complete the contact form.